Broadband in MN House Ways and Means – April 19 at 9am

Tomorrow the MN House Ways and Means will meet and broadband is on their agenda. HF14 looks to:

Transfers funds for the border-to-border broadband program, increases the maximum grant amount (from $5M ro $10M), and requires a report to the legislature. The Transfer makes a onetime $100,000,000 transfer in fiscal year 2023 from the general fund to the border-to-border broadband fund account. Keeps funds available until expended.

Her are the details from the MN House website

Chair: Rep. Rena Moran
Location: Hybrid Hearing
Time Note

Committee will meet until 10:45 AM, recess, and return at 1:00 PM to complete the agenda.


  1. Adoption of Budget Resolution
    II. HF3438 (Lillie) Legacy Finance Omnibus
    III. Agriculture, Housing, Broadband Omnibus
    -HF4376 (Hausman) Supplemental Housing Finance
    -HF14 (Ecklund) Supplemental Broadband Finance
    -HF4366 (Sundin) Supplemental Agriculture Finance
    NOTE: The language of HF4376 and HF 14 will be added to HF4366 during the hearing
    Other bills may be added
    This hybrid committee hearing will be held in-person in State Capitol Room 120 with remote participation from members and testifiers available. The capacity for State Capitol Room 120 is 60 audience seats, please plan accordingly.
    AMENDMENT DEADLINE FOR BILLS: Noon, April 18, 2022
    MEETING DOCUMENTS: Meeting documents will be posted on the House Ways & Means Committee website at

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