MN Broadband Task Force Dec 2021 Meeting Notes & Video: Editing Annual Report Draft

Today, the MN Broadband Task Force got an update from the Office of Broadband Development and quick lesson on synchronous and asynchronous broadband technologies and then they went through the latest draft iteration of the annual report. I iteration I have is the one they discussed, not post-discussion version but you’ll get a flavor of what they are thinking in it.

Here are a few high level remarks on the draft and the discussion. The format is much easier to digest as a PPT than the old report format. Here’s the Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Key Challenges and Concerns
  • Recommendations
  • Economic Impact Inter/Intra Agency Cooperation/Coordination
  • Policy and Statutory Goals
  • Appendixes

There was discussion about speed goals; the Task Force had earlier decided not to recommend an increase in speed goals. There was also a recommendation that the state fund projects that only go to 25/3 under special circumstances. I think that got removed. Some folks felt 25/3 was better than nothing; but others disagreed especially since getting 25/3 might disqualify a community from getting funding for a more permanent solution. There seems to be tension between trying to get something to everyone who needs it versus taking the time to build long term solutions. The discussion reminded me that while in town earlier this week, President Biden implored Minnesotans to use the upcoming in flux of cash to build to help the US become a leader again.

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