Upper Sioux Community Broadband Profile: 47 percent access to 100/20

Code: Red
Population: 48
(See Blandin Foundation interactive map)

Upper Sioux Community has seen an increase in broadband access of 100 Mbps down and 3 up to almost 47 percent. They have 100 percent access to 25/3, which has not changed since last mapping.

They are one of the few communities where looking at fixed, non-mobile broadband versus wireline makes a difference. Looking at wireline, they have no access to 100/20.

Access to Fixed, Non-Mobile Broadband
Name %Broadband (25/3) 2021 %Broadband (25/3) 2019 %Broadband (100/20) 2021 %Broadband (100/20) 2019
Upper Sioux 100 100 47.58 0

LTD Broadband provides fixed wireless speeds beyond 100/20 in Chippewa and Yellow Medicine Counties. Advantenon provides service in Yellow Medicine. The existing relationship with LTD may put the community in a good position if LTD gets federal RDOF money but there is some controversy.

LTD was chosen as the single provider invited to submit a proposal to serve FTTH to large parts of Minnesota. Many folks (from Senators to other providers) are concerned that LTD will not be able to meet their obligations, in part because they provide fixed wireless not Fiber to the Home.

Unfortunately, areas that may be served by the LTD federally funded upgrade are in a limbo as the FCC decides whether to fund the project or not.

Upper Sioux Community
(get 2020 map)


  • Served: Green
  • Underserved: Purple
  • Unserved: Pink

I am doing the annual look at broadband in tribal areas – based on maps from the Office of Broadband Development and news gathered from the last year. I’m looking at progress toward the 2022 (25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up) and 2026 (100 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up) and will code each:

  • Red (yikes)
  • Yellow (warning)
  • Green (good shape)

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