EVENT Oct 12-14: Join us! Building on Broadband: Inspiring Progress

For folks who don’t get the emails…

Join us! October 12-14, 2021

#mnbroadband Agenda Available!

Check out the newly released draft agenda for our our second virtual conference, Building on Broadband: Inspiring ProgressThis year’s event will feature a series of fast-moving panels on digital innovations, advocacy and actions, and inspired stories from around the state. You’ll have a chance to hear from a lot of smart people, ask your questions, and be inspired by broadband champions and practitioners from around the state!

Register Today:

Here is your own personal registration link – using this link to register will be easier for both you and for conference organizers! http://blandinfoundation.tfaforms.net/104?id=003A000000vl2cJIAQ

If you’d like to share this message with colleagues new to our conference, the open link to register is https://blandinfoundation.tfaforms.net/104.

Regional Gatherings:

The eight regional meetings around the state have begun! Check out the conference webpage for a list of gatherings. You can still register to attend some of them – and for the rest you can review the notes and video.

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