Northeast Minnesota Regional Broadband Summit Notes and Video

The Northeast Minnesota Regional Broadband Summit happened today and I’ll post on each separately. (There will be eight regional meetings leading up to statewide fall conference Oct 12-14.) There was a huge crowd (100+) and lots of good information:

Agenda included (see PPTs):

Welcome from Duluth Mayor Emily Larson & IRRR Commissioner Mark Phillips

Office of Broadband Development Update – an update from Diane Wells (similar to the one given at previous regional conferences)

ICF Framework and Community Projects with Bernadine Joselyn. Fun to hear about a wide range of projects happening in the area:

  • SBDC Tech Audits (Innovate)
  • Workforce Talent Attraction – Hello Iron Range
  • Koochiching County Coworking Space (Connect/Work/Include)
  • Hibbing HRA Housing Wifi Project (Connect/Include)
  • Local Libraries (Innovate/Include) East Range – STEM Rental

Successful Infrastructure Projects with Whitney Ridlon, at IRRR. Again fun to hear about the projects:

  • French Township
  • Cherry Township
  • Town of Morse
  • Boise Forte Tribal Government
  • Paul Bunyan Communications
  • CTC – Recent and Future Projects
  • Aaniin – Connect. Share. Grow. (Fond du Lac)
  • City of Duluth Update (CONFIRMED)

And then in small groups we got the opportunity to catch up with two Arrowhead projects out of the following

  • IRTB – Casual co-working and welcoming communities (Shawn Herhusky CONFIRMED)
  • IEDC – LaunchMN – Innovate 218 (Kirstie McPherson CONFIRMED)
  • MN Children’s Press – Mapping Litter and Publishing (Anne Braataas CONFIRMED)
  • Northspan – Welcoming Community programming (Amber Lewis CONFIRMED)
  • 100 Rural Women – Coop Publishing Model (Teresa Kittridge CONFIRMED)

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