Ramsey County TechPak initiative: Tech for folks who needed it see $2.40 return for every $1 spent

TechPak was a program that helped get technology into the hands that needed it during the pandemic. Read below for details or watch the video but know that they report a great ROI…

The projected SROI for the TechPak initiative is $2.40 for every $1 dollar spent.

TechPak, a partnership between Tech DumpLiteracy MinnesotaSaint Paul Public Library and Ramsey County, is a new initiative bringing computers, internet and digital literacy training into the homes of Ramsey County residents who have experienced economic impacts due to COVID-19. The packs include a refurbished laptop, a hotspot for internet access and quick start guides.

During the upcoming enrollment period, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, TechPaks will be awarded to eligible Ramsey County residents who have experienced job loss, reduced hours, change of household income or have other barriers due to COVID-19. Additional application periods will be offered from September through December 2020. An anticipated 500 TechPaks will be distributed by the end of the year.

Laptop donations for this program are being accepted by Tech Dump. Laptops will be securely wiped of all data, updated and repaired, and then assessed for use. Donations can be made by contacting Tech Dump at techdump.org or calling 763-432-3117.

Additional information about TeckPaks can be found at ramseycounty.us/TechPak.

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