Comcast to reinstate data caps early next year

According to Inc

Now, Comcast says that it plans to impose data caps on home internet customers in all of its markets early next year. That means that if you’re working from home and have school-age children participating in virtual learning, you’ll have to be much more conscious of how you manage your internet data. That’s something most people have never had to think about, at least not when it comes to home internet.

Sure, wireless carriers have long had plans with buckets of data. Even unlimited plans often carried restrictions that allowed carriers to slow your internet bandwidth after you reach a certain amount. That’s never been the case, however, at home. At least, it hasn’t been something you ever had to pay attention to.

Now, if you don’t pay attention and accidentally exceed your limit, you’ll end up with a more expensive bill.

Comcast has said it will forgive the first time a customer exceeds the 1.2 TB limit. After that it will charge $10 per 50GB of data you use over the cap. The company has also said it will credit bills for the cost of extra data charges in January and February to help customers prepare for the change. (Essentially, they’ll charge customers for the extra data, then rescind that charge with a credit in those months, giving customers an example of what their extra usage will cost come March.)

On its website, Comcast says that most households don’t come anywhere near the limit. It mentions that the median data use is around 300GB per month. Except, that means there are as many households that exceed that amount, as there are under it.

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