Broadband 2020: Oct 6 happy hour preview of Oct 7: Broadband Task Force & Roberto Gallardo

We enjoyed an intimate open-house style happy hour tonight. And it was ladies night! I thought to capture the crowd at one point but people came and went. I brought my old MRNet Scavenger t-shirt from 1994 and as it turned out two of us worked at MRnet, which was *the* Minnesota ISP back in 1994. That got us talking about the “good old days” and it reminded us of the timeline we had at the 2019 broadband conference. I told folks I’d share the video tonight. It’s a fun throwback:

Feels like a lifetime ago but remembering the quick paced time of the early Internet helped us remember that times come and go.

Also, I wanted to give people a heads up on the events of tomorrow:

The conference will be hosting the MN Broadband Task Force. We’re delighted to be able to interact with them.

The Task Force will continue meeting after Roberto’s presentation. It’s open to the public and attendees are encouraged to join them. At 1:30 to see them at work. That won’t be hosted by the Blandin Foundation but you can get links to join the online meeting.

Last minute issues? You can get links to the Blandin portion of the meeting online and/or watch the livestream on YouTube or follow the Twitter hashtag #mnbroadband.

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