How many workers will stay remote – even after pandemic?

Internet Innovation Alliance reports…

As companies continue to grapple with coronavirus disruptions, many financial leaders are looking to shift some of their permanent workforce to remote positions as a way to create cost-savings and minimize more severe operational cuts after the crisis ends. According to a recent Gartner survey, 74% of financial leaders and CFOs said they would shift at least 5% of their previous on-site workforce to permanent remote positions after the coronavirus crisis ends and nearly a quarter said they would shift at least 20% of their on-site positions to remote work.

I have worked from home for 20 years. Sometimes I have to go to meetings or travel but the rest of my time I work from home. So to the new remote workers who may find themselves working from home after this pandemic – it’s not usually this bad. I like working from home.

I saw an interesting post from a friend who is working from home for the first time with a kindergartner also at home. She recognized that being at home and working during a pandemic, isn’t really like being a remote worker. Usually kids are at school or preschool or college. Usually there’s a delineation between day and night. Usually you aren’t competing for computers and broadband with the whole family. Usually you can go to a coffee shop if you need a break from home. On the other hand – you still only have to brush your hair when there’s a Zoom call. And there’s still the benefit for the environment of keeping some of us off the road and office space costs less, less time in traffic, quick breaks to do laundry make the weekends better. Plenty of benefits.

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