Setting up an Arts/Artisan Business Online Quickly: something to keep you busy during a pandemic!

I’m super excited to share this post, which stems from a conversation on a Digital Inclusion Email Chat. I loved the info and the author was kind enough to share in on a website so that I could post it. I have a kid who is an artist (sample at right) and one of the ways she is making it through the pandemic is by making art. Her classes have moved online. Her job in hospitality ended. She needs something to do and a way to make money. Her predicament is probably duplicated all over Minnesota.

So I wanted this info for my Kate – but I figured there were plenty of artists in the crowd who could use the info too…

A Few Considerations to Help a Client Quickly Bring an Arts/Artisan Business Online
In early April, someone on the NDIA listserv asked for advice on helping artists quickly create online stores to weather the COVID-19 crisis. The following email response (from DIPNJ member, Andrew Farrelly) was later requested to be published in a more-public format. As this was originally intended to be an email, please excuse the tone and formatting!

The rest of the article is a step-by-step look at what you can do to get set up online and on social media. I will say that I have found that me posting my kid’s art on Facebook has generated more interest in purchasing than her post on Instagram to her cohorts. Turns out moms (and grandmas, because my mom’s on Facebook too) have friends with more money. But these steps are a great start!

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