Video cord cutters use more than half a terabyte of broadband bandwidth per month

Telecompetitor reports…

New broadband usage data from OpenVault reveals that video cord cutters, on average, use more than half a terabyte of broadband bandwidth per month. That usage behavior is more than double the 275 GB the average broadband subscriber uses, according to OpenVault’s data, which aggregates broadband usage from millions of subscribers across the U.S. and Europe.

The third quarter 2019 OpenVault Broadband Industry (OVBI) report found that usage is rising across all subscriber categories, including power users. The report also found that usage patterns differ between subscribers utilizing usage-based billing and flat-rate billing (UBB and FRB). FRB is consistent with unlimited data usage plans, while UBB is consistent with usage-based billing plans for broadband.

The firm found that the overall weighted average of broadband usage was 275 gigabytes during the third quarter, an increase of 21% compared to the third quarter 2018 average of 228GB. During the same period, the median monthly weighted average jumped from 118.2 GB to 147.4 GB, an increase of almost 25%.

They gave advice to their readers…

While video cord cutting dramatically increases bandwidth usage, customer actions seem to not be in line with that new demand. The report says that only 29% of customers upgraded broadband packages, while two-thirds remained the same and 4% downgraded when cutting the video cord.

This could be a good time to sell more bandwidth, the report suggests. “A cord cutting event usually signals a need for faster broadband speeds. Cord cutters are opting for high-bandwidth OTT services, and are using multiple devices in the home to consume video, often simultaneously.  This behavior lends itself to higher speed, higher margin broadband packages to ensure an acceptable broadband CX and the cord cutting event is the best time for operators to educate customers and upsell them accordingly.”

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