Bois Forte Reservation Broadband Profile: No access to 100/20 broadband

Earlier this year, the Office of Broadband Development released data and maps on broadband coverage of tribal areas. The numbers are high level or maybe more reflective than exact but it’s a great start on getting a handle on what’s happening in tribal areas. I thought I’d do a profile of each area, much like I have done for Minnesota Counties – starting with Bois Forte Reservation.

Info on Access/Households:

  • Number of households (2010 estimate): 294
  • Percent Wireline Broadband 2022 speed goal (25/3): 20.12
  • Percent Wireline Broadband 2026 speed goal (100/20): 0

Clearly the reservation is not in great shape. The access to 25/3 speeds is not good and no one is connected to 100/20. But they are working on it.

The Bois Forte Band has been part of a Blandin Broadband Community (BBC). With Cook and Orr Minnesota, they were the GRIZZLIES and they joined the BBC in January 2017. They worked on various training opportunities and fixed up some of the community centers. Here is a recap from a Blandin Foundation Assessment

Access and use are key concerns for the area. The population density is sparse, and many people are without access to the Internet at home. The region is working with existing providers and making the most of increased access via CenturyLink with CAF II funding, improved cellular service, and fiber access on Bois Forte Reservation.

Last summer, CenturyLink talked about upgrading to DSL in the area, but the reservation is focusing on fiber.

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