Average American Family Can Save $10,500 Per Year by Using Broadband for Comparison Shopping and Online-Only Deals

The Internet Innovation Alliance says a household can save $10,500 a year! 

The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) finds that the average American household can save $10,539.09 per year on household spending through use of high-speed internet services, according to the organization’s latest Cost Campaign analysis. Before factoring in the average annual cost of a mobile data plan and a home broadband connection ($1,575), the yearly savings add up to $12,114.09. The financial analysis, “10 Ways Being Online Saves You Money,” was authored by Nicholas J. Delgado, certified financial planner and principal of Chicago-based investment bank Dignitas, in partnership with IIA

These numbers are always fun to have. I must admit when I looked at community ROI of public investment in broadband, I went with numbers that were much more conservative; we looked at an annual economic benefit of $1850 per household with broadband – because these numbers seem a little urban-focused.

I know the text won’t transfer well so I’ll post the picture (and table below) so you can get the content in the best way for you…

Top 10: Potential Internet-Enabled Savings on an Annual Basis

Category Average Spent (Annually)* Average Saved Due to Broadband (Annually) % Savings
Entertainment $3,203.00 $1,692.79 52.85%
Healthcare $4,928.00 $1,600.00 32.47%
Housing $16,062.00 $3,413.18 21.25%
Food $4,363.00 $684.55 15.69%
Apparel $1,833.00 $921.45 50.27%
Automotive $35,889*** $3,383***** 9.43%
Newspapers $288.34** $167.33 58.03%
Gasoline $1,968.00 $157.64 8.01%
Non-Prescription Drugs $338.00**** $53.00 15.68%
Bill Pay $41.16** $41.16 100.00%
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