Telehealth & Broadband – tips for partnerships

Craig Settles has a new report on telehealth and broadband. Here’s the briefest description…

The bulk of the report gives three categories innovative and effective telemedicine applications: 1) general medical services, 2) mental health services, and 3) home health care. The summaries present how or why these are ideal to offer community broadband subscribers. The report concludes with highlights on developing a telemedicinenpilot project, and helpful recommendations.

He discusses affordability…

The digital divide’s impact is that many low-­‐income and lower middle class residents do not have internet access available, and so by extension they will have a hard time getting telehealth. Significant numbers of these individuals can’t afford access even if broadband reaches their neighborhoods. And if the infrastructure is poor, even well to-­‐do folks cannot get good broadband.

He discusses how partnerships are built between broadband providers and telehealth services…

Bottom line – both the vendors,  particularly start-­‐ups and medium size companies, and broadband owners share a mission – the need for plenty of customers and marketing clout. In addition, many of these organizations and committed to serving committed to serving communities’ disadvantaged and the low-come income residents,                so there’s a shared social as well as marketing mission.

And how partnerships can improve digital inclusion efforts…

To design the most effective digital literacy program, Seifer advises broadband and telehealth teams to consult with those community nonprofits most familiar wit the audiences that will use the telehealth programs. “If you’re trying to reach veterans with a telemedicine app, contact local or state organizations that service veterans that service veterans. If you are selling to seniors, talk to groups that deal with that population.”

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