Candidate Brian Abrahamson in Luverne (22A) promotes broadband as a top priority

The Globe asks candidates to answer broad questions on why they are running for office. When they asked Brian Abrahamson (Rock County), he spoke a lot about broadband…

What would be your top priority if elected?

Health care, broadband/transportation/water infrastructure and legalization of cannabis. I believe that health care is a right, not just a privilege for the wealthy. Currently, farmers and self-employed are paying over $30,000 in premiums, and not really receiving the care they need. We must repair our roads, bridges and water infrastructure. Our communities need safe travels and clean drinking water to keep us healthy. Plus, legalization, regulation and taxation of cannabis will give us much-needed tax revenue for projects that are usually overlooked, like education and infrastructure.

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About Ann Treacy

I have a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science. I have been interested or involved in providing access to information through the Internet since 1994, when I worked for Minnesota’s first Internet service provider. I am pleased to be a part of the Blandin on Broadband Team. I also work with MN Coalition on Government Information, Minnesota Rural Partners, and the American Society for Information Science and Technology.

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