White House to devote $200M per year to STEM grants – opportunity for rural schools?

The White House reports an effort to expand access to high quality STEM and Computer Science education…

Recognizing the importance of expanding access to high-quality STEM and Computer Science education, particularly among historically underserved groups, this PM directs the Secretary of Education to:

  • Establish high-quality STEM education, with a particular focus on Computer Science, as one of the Department of Education’s priorities.

  • Establish a goal of devoting at least $200 million per year in grant funds towards this priority.

  • Explore administrative actions that will add or increase focus on Computer Science in existing K-12 and post-secondary programs.

The announcement was made yesterday. I don’t see a lot of details – but it looks positive. They do mention the gender gap in the tech field. They don’t mention rural urban gap but I was just rereading a recent MN State Demographer’s report on rural areas – and from the graph you can see that urban areas have a commanding lead over other areas when it comes to “Professional, scientific…” jobs and a lead in information. So rural areas may be poised to take advantage of the opportunity.

The same report points out that non-urban women are in the earn less than any other group. STEM preparation could help change that…

Half or more of men working fulltime
in rural, small town, or large town Minnesota earn less than $45,300 annually. Half or more of all
women working full-time in rural, small town, or large town Minnesota earn less than $34,600 annually.
Urban workers’ median earnings, for men and women, are $10,000 or slightly more higher than all other
geography types.

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