Digital Inclusion Basics Blandin Webinar Archive

Thanks to everyone who attended the Blandin webinar on digital include earlier today. Here’s the archive:


And description:

The July webinar is entitled “Digital Inclusion Basics” will feature three nationally known digital inclusion experts.  Angela Siefer is the director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance.  She has hands-on experience with many digital inclusion projects and has done significant research in this topic area.  Emy Tseng is a senior program specialist with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and worked previously with the City of San Francisco.  Emy recently was recognized for her excellent work at the NDIA conference with the prestigious Charles Benton award.  Ann Treacy is a key member of the Blandin Broadband team and has tremendous experience both researching and providing hands-on training for technology learners at all levels.

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