Fillmore County creates a Broadband Development Fund

According to the Fillmore County Journal

In support of the [Minnesota Border to Border broadband] grant applications to rural Lanesboro and rural Rushford, the county board agreed to provide $75,000 to support each application. This day the board formalized the establishment of a Broadband Development Fund in the amount of $150,000. This will be a revolving loan fund that will be paid back and used to support future applications for broadband grants. The fund will be used to support grant applications for any provider of services within the county.

The board approved an agreement with AcenTek to loan them $75,000, which will be repaid to the county over three years, pending county attorney approval of the agreement. Smith noted the provision of monetary support by a local government entity for an application is important; it adds points for an application when the application is reviewed by the office of Broadband Development. This is a competitive process for limited grant funding. The state grant in the Lanesboro area project provides about 25% of the total project cost.

Smith said it is our intention to resubmit an application for the Rushford project this year.

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