The First Ojibwe Digital Generation: Reframing the Rural Broadband Vision Based on Native Values

I’m pleased to share a guest blog post from Frank Odasz. Frank is going to be offering training for Native youth at the Fall Broadband Conference (Nov 18-20). I’ve heard about his good work for years – it’s been fun to work with him…

frankaustraliaThe First Ojibwe Digital Generation: Reframing the Rural Broadband Vision Based on Native Values

For the stories we can tell; Digital Storytelling for Global Citizens

From: Frank Odasz, Lone Eagle Consulting


I’m excited to announce I’ll be delivering on November 18th a unique digital storytelling workshop for Ojibwe Youth to share digital apps and tools for;

Youth to show how to digitally preserve elder’s stories and wisdom for all future generations.

Youth will learn to create free ecommerce websites in less than an hour, including using mobile apps, at

Youth will learn to quickly create video “Show and Tell” screencasts to allow them to teach others locally, and globally, on an ongoing basis.

New digital entrepreneurship models allow youth to “Make the living they want, living wherever they want” as self-employed Lone Eagles.

Learn More; Pre-workshop short videos to explore:

The first digital generation has powerful choices to consider. For the first time in human history, a global voice is theirs, if they choose to use it; to help others, and to empower our one human family;

  • Teaching Native Values for all global citizens on how best to support one  another, and build sustainable community, and cultural, capacity.
  • Teaching Native Values as Stewards of the Earth and Sky; for everyone to learn how to take responsibility to protect the environment.
  • Teaching Native Values for sustainable living as opposed to rampant consumerism, which wastes precious, and limited, natural resources.

I recently attended a conference for the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, where an elder stated this profound bit of wisdom; “The further we can look back to where we come from, the further we’ll be able to see into the future as to where we are going.”  In many ways, we are coming full circle, returning to our origins.

As an online teacher of teachers, I follow many trends carefully and read a fair bit online, as well as learning from teachers when we Skype as they do their online lessons.  Did you know Internet video is returning us to being an oral culture, and that digital storytelling is the medium by which our global voices can be heard. By 2020, 80% of Internet use will be video related.

I heard another elder say we only have two things in life where we don’t have a choice; when we’re born and when we die. Everything else in life is a matter of choice.  So, I’m planning to share with you what I see as wonderfully amazing choices for your consideration.

Canoe Club in Metlakatla, Alaska says “We’re all in the same canoe, and need to learn how to all paddle in the same direction, as global citizens.”

We’re limited only by our imaginations

Workshop Presenter: I’m Frank Odasz, president of Lone Eagle Consulting, and I’ve been teaching rural citizens, and teachers, online since 1988. Enjoying the freedom of no bosses and no employees, I’m living my dream, living in a rural ranch house with the personal challenge to teach others online how to preserve their rural lifestyle, rural communities, and cultures.

Youth workshop attendees will be invited to consider their choice of whether to help me develop an online curriculum for 4 billion young people, mostly poor, who are due to come online by 2020.

That said, a quote from Charlie Brown is; “There is no heavier burden than a great potential.”

All my Lone Eagle resources are online without restriction. Recent conference video presentations and online resources are at and  A dozen rural grant templates are at

Included in the above resources are links to Lone Eagle’s recent Alaska Native Innovations Incubator (NTIA Technical Assistance Pilot) as a replicable broadband-related local model created specifically to inspire, and enable, all Native and rural communities to become intentionally innovative.

This 8 minute video inspired the above “innovations incubator” and is strongly recommended to show locally,

The Alaska Native Tradition of Creative Adaptation.   Released Nov. 1, 2013,

I welcome all calls, emails, and can even Skype with anyone interested;
My skype ID is frankodasz and my email is
My Cell # is 406 925 2519

I’m offline for the next week celebrating my father’s 93rd birthday, but will check in online every few days to see if anyone would like to schedule a time to talk or skype.

We are all related,

Frank Odasz
President Lone Eagle Consulting

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