Making Public-Private Partnerships Work! #MNBroadband Conference

I can only be in one room at a time so for many of the breakout sessions, I’m just going to be able to post the info that was shared with me.

Public-private partnerships are the middle ground between community network and private-sector only advocates. Within these bounds, there is a large grey area of uncertainty. What is legal? What is smart? What are the options for finance, ownership and operations? Join the director of the DEED Office of Broadband Development and several private-public partners as they discuss the challenges of creating these partnerships.

Moderated by Danna MacKenzie, Executive Director, Office of Broadband Development

  • o Jenny Boulton, Kennedy & Graven
  • o Shannon Sweeney, David Drown Associates
  • o Milda K. Hedblom, Dain Consulting; Telecomm Forum, U of M School of Public Affairs; Augsburg College

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