Upcoming Broadband Conference: Cool Tools Room

I am excited to be part of the planning committee for the February Broadband conference: Border to Border Broadband: A Call to Action. I’m looking forward to conversations on practice, policy and progress and something new…

This year we are adding a fun, inspirational corner to the conference space. A place for attendees to check out cool stuff that’s happening in the online world – Google Glass for example. We are looking for hands-on or easily demonstrated tools to excite attendees. If you have a cool tool you’d like to showcase, please let us know. Tools don’t have to be gadgets; websites and big ideas are welcome too – with the caveat that we are really looking for experiential opportunities. As an added bonus, the Cool Tools Room will also have a Cool Tools Crew of college students to provide tech support to anyone wanting advice or lessons on how to better use cool tools they already own – such as smartphone or other devices.

I would personally be interested in apps that people are using in the field – be that the farming, healthcare, education or other field. I’d love to experience things that impress my kids and/or inform my next cocktail party conversation!

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