BBC Community Project: eBusiness training at Fond du Lac

Bill_ColemanAs a Blandin Broadband Community, the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa set small business technology development as a priority.  Their goal is to spur small business formation and use of technology through small business training sessions on a variety of business technology strategies and tools. They will focus on e-commerce and small business training for trial members on Fond du Lac Reservation.

Like any community, Fond du Lac has many residents who own and operate small businesses, many of those operate out of their homes.  Within the Fond du Lac Reservation, many of these small business owners live in the rural countryside where broadband may not be readily available and learning technology tools may be difficult.

The Fond du Lac will bring small businesses together at community facilities where computers and connectivity are available for use by community members.  The training will provide hands-on experience that will show business owners how to research, purchase, market and sell.  The Fond du Lac steering team has discussed the creation of an online community marketplace where small businesses could sell their products on a shared web site that cooperatively promotes all of their goods, many of which are locally created food products, artisan crafts and artwork.   The ultimate goal would be to increase incomes of Fond du Lac tribal members.

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