Posted by: Ann Treacy | March 21, 2013

Minneapolis Push to Increase Digital Literacy starts today

I’m sorry I’m too late to get anyone to these events today but I did want to applaud the efforts around Minneapolis to promote digital literacy. Today the city and various partners are kicking off a series of activities to promote digital literacy in 2013…

The City and its partners are hosting a series of open houses March 21 to encourage new users, community members and businesses to get connected with local community technology resources.  In addition to libraries and parks, there are several locations in Minneapolis where residents can use computers with Internet for free, and improve their digital literacy skills. These locations are referred to as “Community Technology Centers” and the following locations are partnering with the City to host these open houses through their association with the Technology Literacy Collaborative, a local network of digital inclusion supporters committed to sharing best practices, advocating for technology and digital literacy skills and access, and promoting collaborative efforts.

Partners include:

You can learn more about the yearlong effort on the City of Minneapolis website. You can also get a nice personal view of the event from a recent article by Alan Palazzolo in MinnPost. He makes the point that while there are some great resources out there, the hard part is getting word to the folks who most need it. So if you see a time and place to share the news, I hope you will.

Speaking of hopes, I’m also hoping that this citywide effort might spur efforts on a wider scope and/or serve as a model to others. I suspect that one impetus for the effort is the 2012 Minneapolis Digital Inclusion survey spearheaded by Otto Doll. It’s not the first time I’ve said that I’d love to see that survey expanded!

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