Connect Anoka County Last Mile Presentations

Last week, Connect Anoka County hosted a number of providers for a series of presentations on Last Mile options. Connect Anoka County is working on a community fiber network. Here’s a quick reminder of the program, from the Connect Anoka website

Connect Anoka County is the county-led effort to increase the amount of fiber optic cable in the county. The Connect Anoka County project has resulted in a partnership between Zayo Bandwidth, LLC and Anoka County. Through the partnership, Zayo Bandwidth applied for and received a National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) grant paying 70 percent of the fiber construction cost and initial equipment. The grant project will construct an approximately 286 mile fiber network throughout Anoka County linking 145 governmental institutions.

And here is a description of the meeting…

This meeting is intended for council/board members, city managers/administrators, EDA members, economic development professionals, cable commissions, etc. Please pass the word along to all those who may be interested in learning more about last mile connectivity. This meeting will be an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the industry and ask questions of several broadband providers.

The intention is to look at options for expanding the community network to local residents and businesses. Presentations from the meeting are available on the Connect Anoka County website; they may be useful to other communities looking at community network options.

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