Bigger, Better Broadband: a Video retrospective produced by you!

As a reminder, the Fall Broadband Conference is happening November 16-17 in Duluth. We’re working with Connect Minnesota. The conference will focus on the ARRA Broadband funding efforts that have been underway in Minnesota.

To help highlight the great activity in the state, we’re doing something kind of fun – a film fest! And we’re inviting folks around the state to submit videos…

The Blandin Foundation is looking for video shorts (less than 10 minutes) on bigger better broadband in Minnesota to showcase at a Broadband Film Festival!

The Film Festival will be part of the 2011 broadband conference: Policy and Progress: Border to Border Broadband, November 16-17. The Film Festival will take place on November 17 from 5:00-9:00 pm at the Zeitgeist small theater in Duluth, Minnesota. The Festival will feature video, food and fun.

We are looking for locally developed videos to showcase what’s happening in broadband adoption, deployment and/or policy in Minnesota. We leave the creativity up to you – we will be showing as many of the best videos intermingled with “broadband classics” as time allows at the Festival.

Here are the details:

  • What: We seek videos shorter than 10 minutes that relate to broadband in Minnesota.
  • How: Please upload your videos and send a note with your name, contact info, and link to the video to Email questions to
  • Where: Please upload to YouTube, Vimeo or other online video sharing site
  • Who: Anyone in Minnesota is invited to submit a video
  • Why: Because we want to learn about bigger, better broadband in Minnesota from the people who experience it and there are prizes!
  • When: Submissions will be accepted until November 1.

If you do not have a video to submit, stay for the festival anyway. There will be hors d’oeuvres and networking time to wrap up the conference. Be sure to register.

Small print: Please do not submit videos that include adult content or language. Please respect copyright and do not include material that is not yours (that includes background music).

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