Southwest MN FTTP project gets new logo

Yesterday I was discouraged by the news that Wisconsin was returning their ARRA funding. Such a wasted opportunity no matter how you look at it. Today I’m encouraged by an ARRA-funded project in Minnesota that seems to be going much better.

Last week I reported that Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services (SMBS) is adding wireless to their box of tricks. That’s been big news and I’m hoping to speak to them more about that soon. Today’s news is much smaller, but makes the point that sometimes it’s the little things that matter.

SMBS recently unveiled their new logo. It was designed by high school student, David Reyes from Southwest Star Concept High School in Okabena. It’s no accident that the designer was a high school student. SMBS held a logo design contest open to area middle and high school students. The winner not only receives the accolades and a bullet point on a résumé, he also received an iPad. According to the Jackson County Pilot, there were about 50 submissions.

This is the logo that SMBS will use to market their upcoming FTTH services. It’s fantastic that they were will able to use community resources and build some community capacity and pride along the way.

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