Why upload speeds are important

Below is an email I received today:

Next week, former President Bill Clinton will sit down for a YouTube interview, in which all of the questions will come from YouTube users.

As a top uploader in the News & Politics category, we thought you might be interested in submitting a question.

Here’s how to submit your video question (video questions are strongly preferred):

1. Record yourself asking the question and upload it to your YouTube account.
2. Visit http://www.youtube.com/citizentube and look for the Google Moderator box. Click “Submit Question” and then “Attach a YouTube video”.
3. Paste the link of your YouTube video question and click submit.
4. Tell all of your subscribers to vote for your question!

The deadline to submit is Monday, 9/13 at midnight PT.

First, my ranking as a top uploader in the News & Politics category is in jeopardy – because since I came home from Ireland in July my upload speeds in St Paul have been woeful! Second and perhaps more importantly, this is an opportunity that is only available to folks who have access to sufficient broadband upload speeds. Those without access are silenced. That may sound a little dramatic – but in terms of personal and community advocacy I think it’s becoming increasingly true. A recent study by Burson-Marsteller (a public relations consultancy) found that nearly all (97 percent) political advocacy groups are using at least one social media platform to communicate with stakeholders. Now it turns out their sample was not large but in my dealing with local nonprofits I have found the same.

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