Broadband the newest beat for Insight News

When we started Blandin on Broadband a few years ago I spent a lot of time beating the bushes for anything related to broadband. I was lucky if I could find a dozen or so legitimately broadband-focused stories a month. Well, that has certainly changed. Now there are single days when I could report on a dozen broadband stories. I’ve noted this to myself often – but today I saw evidence that it’s not just that I’m looking for broadband in all the right places.

This week Insight News introduced their latest hire…

Ivan B. Phifer this week joins McFarlane Media as a technology reporter supporting efforts to expand broadband awareness and utilization in communities of color. Phifer’s work will appear in newspapers serving African and African American, Latino, Asian and American Indian communities.

The newspapers are members of Minnesota Multicultural Media Consortium, which, in partnership with University of Minnesota’s innovative Urban Research and Outreach Engagement Center (UROC), and the U’s Office for Business and Community Economic Development, have created a network of community public computer centers (PCC) that provide jobs, training and access to high speed internet technology.

I happened upon the article while looking at Bernadine Joselyn’s notes from the TISP meeting earlier this week. (Those notes will appear on this blog later today.) I think it’s exciting that they’ve hired someone to focus on broadband. I look forward to reading future stories. Heck, maybe we can even share notes.

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