Stimulus wait continues in SW Minnesota

The Southwest Minnesota Broadband Group found out that they received ARRA funding in February, but they’re still waiting for the check to arrive. At least that what it sounds like from the Jackson County Pilot (April 1, 2010 – Fiber: Coming to a Farm Near You; not currently online but kindly sent to me by John Shepard) and Cottonwood County Citizen Online.

The Cottonwood County Citizen Online reports that according to Windomnet Manager Dan Olsen parts of the project are in a holding pattern but some parts progress; specifically they have finalized the joint powers agreement and started some preliminary engineering.

So it’s kind of a bummer for the communities that are waiting. I suppose Minnesota hadn’t had such a beautiful March they might be in a holding pattern waiting for the ground to thaw. Hopefully the check will arrive soon. Waiting seems to be a recurring theme with the entire ARRA broadband funding initiative.

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