USF off the FCC table for tomorrow

Earlier today the FCC took the Universal Service Fund discussion off the table for tomorrow’s meeting. Here’s what the Associated Press had to say about the move:

Abandoning the vote is a setback for FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, one of three Republicans on the five-member commission, who had hoped to pass his proposal before power changes hands in Washington. Martin pulled the item from the agenda for Tuesday’s FCC meeting after mounting opposition from many corners of the telecommunications industry, consumer groups and Congress.

It looks like the White Spaces issue will still be discussed, which means some of us will still be juggling voting with watching the meeting. (Aargh!)

I have been wondering why the push. Well mostly, I’ve been wondering why the push with White Spaces. It seems as if the FCC is moving towards opening the White Spaces. It seems as if the expected change of administration is not going to change that focus. The USF is a different issue and I don’t know enough to speak on that topic. But I did run into a fun article earlier today on the prospective changes for telecos with a Democratic sweep tomorrow.

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Librarian who follows rural broadband in MN and good uses of new technology (, hosts a radio show on MN music (, supports people experiencing homelessness in Minnesota ( and helps with social justice issues through Women’s March MN.

2 thoughts on “USF off the FCC table for tomorrow

  1. I am glad they pulled this off the table..the Erate program works! It has kept schools connected to the Internet and for all its problems it has allowed districts to get connected via broadband. When the Minnesota cut back on State funidng, Erate was the only constant they kept us afloat.

    Erate, unlike grants, gets money out to all schools based on their poverty. It has some quirks, but it works for Schools and for the vendors who the schools use to get connected to broadband.

  2. I am with you 100 percent! Plus I never saw many details on the potential changes – which makes me very nervous.

    It’s nice to hear the impact of USF from the frontlines – thanks! Ann

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