Broadband comes up in Eagan city Council elections

The quick take: Bruce “Buzz” Anderson and Gary Hansen are vying to fill an open City Council seat in Eagan (Twin Cities suburb). Both candidates were asked to answer a series of questions in writing; their responses were published in This Week Live. Both brought up technology when asked, “What other issues would you like to address if elected?” (No wonder Eagan has a reputation for being so wired.) Here are their responses:

Bruce “Buzz” Anderson

The city also has many long term issues to face. Those issues include keeping transportation infrastructure updated, continued sound fiscal management of the city, helping to fill the information technology void to provide for expanded connectivity where appropriate, preserving adequate open space and recreational facilities, retention of important public services such as fire and police, and expansion of the tax base. Business needs to be encouraged to grow in the city as that growth helps to lessen the tax burden for city residents on their homes.. Government cannot do everything however. The council will have to decide where the city should play a role or whether there might be a more appropriate role by the private sector. Sometimes the answer might be a public-private partnership where each segment can do the most efficient job, using each segment’s comparative advantage to deliver what is needed by citizens.

Gary Hansen

We need to assure an appropriate mix of quality housing. More affordable quality housing is needed for younger individuals and families that are just starting out, as well as long-time residents seeking housing options more suited to their needs. I will support efforts to enable the city to continue to make progress in assuring housing availability for all income levels. We also need to support the technology needs of residents and businesses. Telecommunications infrastructure and services are important to residents and to future economic development within the city. Eagan has evaluated the availability of broadband services for residents and businesses and fiber optic networks and telecommunications services necessary to support the needs of the city’s current and prospective large technology corporate citizens. I will advocate using the results of this evaluation to support the private sector to assure that the technology needs of residents and businesses are met.

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