New Years Follow-Up

In January (before the Broadband Blog really started) we asked a few people about their technology-related New Years Resolutions.

I wanted to follow up with folks to see how it is going. So I’m going to post the resolution and the follow-ups below.

Bill Coleman Follow-Up

1. Learn more about wireless technologies and applications.
2. Learn more about how the big companies are redesigning work through technology and bring that information to bear on my own work with communities.
3. Learn how to play the guitar that I bought myself two years ago and gave up on!

Bill Coleman Follow-Up

1. I have learned more about wireless technologies, including wi-fi, wi-max and 700 MHz. It is a real challenge to understand how the technologies differ, how they can work together and how business models affect deployment. The wireless applications, especially for municipal use, are really emerging, especially related to utility metering, parking and public safety.
2. It seems that enabling people to work from home is a big part of this trend. The use of wireless devices is also coming on strong in all areas of the workplace. The prevalence of Blackberries and other smart phones is the real indicator.
3. There is always 2008!

Gary Fields Resolution

My technology new years resolution is to starting using my webcam for video calls on a regular basis. (And buy a few more guitar and PA electronic gizmos.)

Gary Fields Follow-Up

I have not been successful in expanding the use of my webcam, but I have increased my use of guitar and music related equipment.

Becky LaPlant Resolution

I resolve to expand my tech horizons by:
1. Learning how to use the instant message function on my cell phone.
2. Committing to creating no less than five pod casts.
3. Learning how to use the web cam so I can virtually attend Bill’s first guitar recital.

Becky LaPlant Follow-Up

Thanks to my 13-year old niece, I’ve done great on learning to “IM”. I haven’t taken action on the pod casts yet and am still waiting for an invitation to Bill’s guitar recital to deepen my skill at using the web cam 🙂 Bill?

Ann Treacy Resolution

1. Keep up on the applications offered by Google, starting with the free calendar applications you can post on your web site.
2. Buy a digital camera to replace the numerous half-filled disposable cameras scattered throughout my house.
3. Learn more about Vonage and other VoIP services to reduce our international phone bills.

Ann Treacy Follow-Up

1. I actually have been tracking back with Google now and again. Sadly some of their testing is available only in the US and since I’m temporarily based in Ireland I am out of the loop. Case in point is Grand Central ( It’s worth checking out for advanced phone services.
2. I have purchased 3 digital cameras this year. My resolution for 2008 is to not let my 3 year old touch them. We have used it a lot on our family travel blog:
3. I went with Skype and now pay $.02 to call the US and paid $50 (annual cost) for a Minneapolis number where people can reach me or leave me voicemail through Skype.

Alex Weego in Todd County Resolution

In January, Todd County will select 8-10 local businesses to work with Minnesota Technology to improve e-business strategies. We will also begin work with the five high schools in the county to provide teacher training and student access to BizPathways, an online tool that supports and promotes entrepreneurs.

Alex Weego in Todd County Follow Up

My goal was to get at least four new businesses involved in broadband development; we got two new and two old and are setting the stage to try for 6-8 next year. We also got our Todd County Telcom inventory revised by Bill Coleman. It was just finalized this week and will be made available at the Entrepreneurship conference in Staples on November 2.

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About Ann Treacy

Librarian who follows rural broadband in MN and good uses of new technology (, hosts a radio show on MN music (, supports people experiencing homelessness in Minnesota ( and helps with social justice issues through Women’s March MN.

15 thoughts on “New Years Follow-Up


    they always talk emerging countries but if we look at it our rural areas are also emerging markets .With companies such as sony and also nintendo and microsoft preparing to make there gaming systems more mobile (which is already on the psp )this appeals to the gaming crowds.
    My son will graduate this year from MIT and he has been telling me of some of the wireless products they have been working on there and many of them deal with the public safety .His degree will lead him into the field of nanotechnology .Isnt technology wonderful especially when we think we are at par with it there is always advancements.

  2. well some good news or bad news depending on who is reading it ,im afraid i wont be able to make the conference as im tied up .But there is a few i would like to sit and talk with on expanding out final mile services as well as telehealth and public safety .Also how this would work with the other technologies to provide services to all.This is something in which we would work with the countys or communities to provide and as its done they could gain coverage also .

  3. Jamie,

    I just got into MN a couple of hours ago – but I had to say darn about you not being able to come to the conference. I was looking forward to meeting you in person – but I know you are very busy these days.


  4. how long are u there for ,im flying into cleveland to look over what they want done then im going to try and get back to that area if even for part of the conf.

  5. I was also sorry to hear elizabeth emerson has left the state house committee.She and i have had a few very nice talks on the phone so elizabeth if you read this i wish you the best in your new position and hope we get to chat again in the future.As i sit here looking out the window this evening at the snow showers falling we are preparing a public safety deployment which will bring the areas we are deploying in into the mobile future and fill in areas that have not been able to have services before.

  6. well lets try and plan to meet in a week if not at the conference.just email me your itinerary and i may be able to work around it.Would be good to sit and talk technology.Would be nice to be able to talk to a couple others also.


    while i have you here ,we are planning a fiber ring in a couple of regions coming right up and with these rings we will use wimax to fill in to give full coverage to areas.As with our phone convo the kids who will be the tech people of tomorrow want a mobile solution.Even the farmer working on his tractor in the field would love to have access to the internet while working the fields to check the commodities markets or the tourists areas with customers able to check there email while out fishing .This is the world we are starting to live in and its going to get much more mobile no matter how we think.

  8. As we talked about I think that mobility is going to be a big issue as the next generation of workers comes onto the scene. There is not reason other than tradition that we should continue to work in offices the way most people do and I think that availability and cost of real estate as well as increasingly insane traffic will open the door to a more mobile workforce.

    The quality of life is just so much better for folks who can work where they want to work – as well as the easing the employers office space costs.

  9. You have it ,the workplace being in the home or out in the park or at the ball game or at the beach is now capable of happening .I have witnessed technology from where no one had computer but govt and universities and now there is the capability of everyone in the world not only being online but being on at true broadband speeds.With people thinking of the future instead of stagnating thats whats allowed this to move forward.We also live in a post 911 world and we all witnessed the affects of a collapsed infrastructure on communications.And most recently in the home state of minnesota we witnessed the same thing with the I35 tragedy as well as the forest fires in california.Talk to first responders and ask them there wish and they will all state mobility .Police officers in there vehicles need mobility to save lives ,I could go on and on with this but you get the point .
    As i stated in an earlier post we will sponsor wimax university certification for people involved with our firm and also we would offer the course to you .

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