FTTH Communities in MN – help compile the list

David Russell from Calix had a great idea. He suggested that we try to track the FTTH networks in Minnesota. I just need some help from blog readers (please!).

David sent me a list to start. It comes from (Broadband Properties Magazine, Nov. 2005). So, if you know of a community we should add, please post it as a comment. Also, if you have comments on the communities that are listed please post those too. I’d especially love to hear from anyone from these areas to hear if they know how fast the connection is and how widely it’s available in the community. (Is it available everywhere, just one housing development, available but expensive?)

If we can get some good info I’ll try to make it available in a user-friendly format – such as an interactive map.

Thanks for your help!!

Cross Lake
Grand Rapids
New York Mills
Red Lake Falls
St. Charles

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Librarian who follows rural broadband in MN and good uses of new technology (blandinonbroadband.org), hosts a radio show on MN music (mostlyminnesota.com), supports people experiencing homelessness in Minnesota (elimstrongtowershelters.org) and helps with social justice issues through Women’s March MN.

7 thoughts on “FTTH Communities in MN – help compile the list

  1. TIA and the FTTH Council released a state-by-state list of nearly 1,000 FTTH communities, including 33 Minnesota communities, in April 2006. They do not appear to have published an update.

  2. Hello. We currently have DSL available to 100% of our members in the cities and outlying rural areas of Menahga, Sebeka, Verndale, Aldrich, Nimrod and Wolf Lake. DSL speeds are up to 1.5M. The city of Sebeka is FTTH (100% of city and a few nodes outside of the city limits) and the same speeds apply. Our service is $34.95 per month for 256k, however in the FTTH areas a triple play is offered at $97.95 per month which includes a 1 M downstream/512 upstream service. With the bundle of telephone, digital TV and DSL at the $97.95 price, the DSL is around a $20 per month fee. We are close to cutting over our Menahga city homes to the FTTH technology, and then the same bundled options will be available to them. So, in September, you should be able to add Menahga to the communities with FTTH list.

  3. Geri,

    That’s great – thanks so much for the firsthand update. If you think of it, please send an update when Menahga is up and running. We’ll all help you celebrate a little.

  4. Thanks to Wally Conhaim for the following update:

    Liberty on the Lake in Stillwater, a newish community developed by Homer Tomkins, has fiber to the home. Fiber played an important role in their marketing to new homebuyers.

  5. Thanks to Ann Higgins & MIlda Hedblom for the following update:

    Baxter, Nisswa and Brainerd are served by Consolidated (http://www.ctctelcom.net); they offer a full range of services.

    Rosemount actually only has a Housing subdivision with fiber. The developer may be in violation of his contract wit the City as he was supposed to build out beyond the development and hasn’t.

    Albertville is in a similar position as Rosemount; one housing development is covered; it may be the same developer.

    Hugo’s fiber was built but the network was not lit.

    Many of the other communities have co-op telephone companies with fiber infrastructure but the lines to the customers are not necessarily fiber.

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