Broadband 2020: Closing Reception

Thanks to everyone who attended the closing reception. We had folks from Florida, Iowa and the four corners of Minnesota. It was a great chance to catch up with people and hear what they thought about the conference. Some were wise to the world of Zoom and for a few this was the first whole hog jump into a month-long Zoom event.

There were a few shout-outs given to attendees, including David Asp, Perry Mulcrone and Jim Yount. There was appreciation for the time to meet people and talk, to hear national speakers and vendors and for the seamless technology and immediate archive.

We have one day left. We are all looking forward to …

How I Think About the Importance of Communities in the 21st Century by Thomas L. Friedman, Author, Reporter, Columnist, New York Times
Introduction by Former Senator Al Franken. Moderated by Mark Ritchie, President, Global Minnesota

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