MN Broadband 2020: Broadband 101: Drive Adoption and Engagement of Your Mobile App

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the conversation on apps…

Drive Adoption and Engagement of Your Mobile App

Offering subscribers a mobile app increases your ability to control the home network — this helps with stickiness and enables you to deliver the ultimate subscriber experience. Now that you’ve got an app for subscribers, how can you get them to download and use it? Get our valuable tips on how you can drive app adoption and engagement

Joe Kohegyi, Director of Marketing Channel Activation, is marketer, product developer and business strategist with a love for understanding consumer behavior and connecting brands and products. With over 15 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience across multiple industries including telecom, Joe helps service providers quickly go-to-market as Calix’s Director of Marketing Channel Activation. Spent 5 years pursuing a career as a professional snowmobile racer before realizing his wife likes seeing her husband and being able to pay the light bill.


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