For people considering a move to a rural area … Broadband is even more important than politics.

Recon Analytics recently published an article, Broadband 2020: how the pandemic changed usage and priorities that is recommended reading for any rural community looking to attract new people.

They start out with the notion that now that as teleworking or telecommuting becomes a greaer norm more people are looking at moving…

A slight majority (50.9%) of Americans that can telecommute are contemplating moving to a smaller city or town as the pandemic has prompted many Americans to reevaluate their priorities and living conditions.

They highlight the reasons that people won’t move…

Clearly, a community can’t do much about the first part – a pay cut. But broadband and healthcare are things a community can change. It takes money, planning, a provider – well most readers will know exactly what it takes, but knowing how many people are looking to move and that broadband and healthcare are qualifiers to choosing a community, highlights both broadband and healthcare costs as investments.

Another important factor, is the definition of broadband…

Where does your community stand with broadband access? The MN County broadband maps came out earlier this summer – so you can find out, which means potential residents can find out too. Will your community make the cut? I’ve talked to enough communities to know that often the answer is that part of the community is well served and parts are not.

When it comes down to it – the research is even more drastic when you get to the household level…

While the lack of widely available broadband is a significant hurdle for cities and towns to attract new residents, it is almost outright disqualifying for housing options: 77.5% of respondents would not move to a place, like a house or apartment, that does not have broadband.

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