Meetings in the Time of Coronavirus: Tips and Tricks of online meetings webinar archive

Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar on webinars today. It was a conversation as much as a presentation and we all learned from each other. It got us thinking that maybe it makes sense to consider a regular opportunity to meet up online to talk about what we’re learning and need to learn about technology in the time of coronavirus. We could have loose topics decided in advance and maybe try out a few webinar platforms while we’re at it. But the intention is to keep the content sparse and questions plentiful.

We wanted to know if others would be interested – no commitment, just gaging interest. Let us know in the poll below and if you have a topic you want ot suggest – please do it in the comments below – or email me at

Meetings in the Time of Coronavirus: Tips and Tricks of online meetings
As we move online, all of us are getting a crash course on online meetings. We thought we’d open up our sandbox to talk about how we’ve been hosting Zoom meetings and what we know about Facebook Live, Google Hangouts and Twitter parties. (Mostly Zoom.) We’re not experts, but we’re practitioners. We want to create a safe space for everyone give it a go – you can share your screen or take a chance to ask a question!

And the chat

00:41:25 Ann Treacy: An Article on busting the Zoom busters
00:53:04 Teresa Matetich: Creative!!
00:56:41 Dawn Hegland: Has anyone been using MS Teams?
00:57:22 Jennifer Frost: I have not use MS Teams yet.
01:09:13 Jennifer Frost: Would you say Teams is comparable to Slack?
01:23:24 Teresa Matetich: Gotta go-thanks!!!
01:23:36 Jennifer Frost: Agreed!

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