Freeborn County Broadband Profile: Current ranking 71

I am doing the annual look at broadband in each county – based on maps from the Office of Broadband Development and news gathered from the last year.

The numbers for Freeborn have been a little strange; some of the number for last year were higher but they may have included fixed wireless connections so I’m using the numbers I got from the Office of Broadband Development. Their current ranking is 71.

There are a couple of potential for issues Freeborn. First, if we use the numbers below, there connectivity remains stagnant. Second, there’s a discrepancy between the 25/3 and 100/20 coverage, which mean there may be people who are content enough with their access today but maybe not be in the future as new applications assume better broadband.

Info on Access:

Speeds % served 2017 % served 2018
25/3 82.99 84.31
100/20 34.54 34.18

The speeds reflect the Minnesota speed goals:

  • 25 Mbps down and 3 up by 2022
  • 100 Mbps down and 20 up by 2026

Current ranking for 100/20 access: 71

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About Ann Treacy

I have a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science. I have been interested or involved in providing access to information through the Internet since 1994, when I worked for Minnesota’s first Internet service provider. I am pleased to be a part of the Blandin on Broadband Team. I also work with MN Coalition on Government Information, Minnesota Rural Partners, and the American Society for Information Science and Technology.

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