The Inclusive Internet Index: Measuring Success 2018 – US ranks third

The Economist’s Inclusive Internet Index ranks counties based on the scores of the Availability, Affordability, Relevance and Readiness categories. You can see how the US ranks below:

And here are the details, according to the site…

The US stands 3rd overall in the world, behind Sweden and Singapore. Affordability is second only to Canada, but Readiness, ranked at 21st globally and 15th among 30 high-income nations, is an area for improvement. Weaknesses in that area include low trust in online content, including government websites, non-government websites and social media.

There isn’t a lot of info on how they calculate the rankings. I was particularly interested in how they calculated affordability. I did find the following context from their 2017 White Paper, which was helpful…

According to his organisation’s research, the average cost of an entry-level 500MB prepaid plan was 15% of per-capita income in less developed countries and over 6% across developing countries overall.10 (The UN’s threshold of affordability is 5% of average monthly income. A4AI is pushing to reduce this to 2% to account for extreme poverty among the lowest 20% of income earners.)
Generally speaking, the more robust the competition in internet service provision, the lower the access prices and the higher the level of adoption.
According to the ITU, broadband penetration in competitive markets is 1.4% higher for fixed-line connections and up to 26.5% higher for mobile
broadband,11 indicating a link between competition and adoption.

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