Generations on Line: helping seniors get comfortable with iPads

I’m always pleased to see a new digital inclusion tool that’s free and looks pretty cool. I learned about the following from Frank Odasz, who will be working with Native American youth at the upcoming Broadband conference (Nov 18-20).

The program from Generations on Line is a technology training tool for seniors on how to use iPads and other devices. It is intended to be used with facilitated training but very self-directed. It would be perfect for a group setting or maybe a library of public computer center. The facilitator would be most helpful getting folks going and acting as back up if questions came up. Here’s a description from their press release…

 A new free program to help close the digital divide is being offered beginning today nationwide from the award-winning leader in digital literacy for older adults. …

This is for those who have never touched a tablet or a mouse or are insecure in using the Internet, email or APPS. “In the first 45 minutes they are navigating the device and experiencing the wonders of interconnectivity,” Ms. Dichter said. “With large type and plain English instructions on every screen, these tutorials serve as a recipe to be followed, so nothing has to be remembered. We have helped more than 80,000 seniors in 49 states and Canada over the past 15 years with PC training. Today we are making the new tablet (iPad or Android) programs, as well as the PC training and the coaching support aids, free to any institution that is willing to offer them free to their patrons.” The PC programs are also available in Spanish through a generous grant from IBM.

Organization who work with elders can sign up for a free license. It looks like there’s a fee for a user to download directly.



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