Got a good idea to use technology to improve government? It could be worth $10,000

The Better Government Competition is looking for good ideas. The deadline is April 16 – so plenty of time for taxes and ideas this week. The theme is Leveraging Technology to Transform the Public Sector.

Here’s the official description…

Each year the Competition focuses on one of the country’s biggest challenges.  The 2014 competition seeks technological solutions to create greater efficiency, transparency, cost-effectiveness, and higher quality service in the public sector.  The Institute seeks creative ideas and approaches utilizing technology, information systems, and telecommunications to reduce the size of government and make it more affordable, accessible, efficient, and less susceptible to fraud, waste, and abuse. Importantly, we seek ideas that are protective of individual rights. Download the contest guidelines here!

The application looks pretty short and sweet. From perusing the application notes – this looks to be the gist of it…

Submit an idea paper of five or fewer pages describing the problem you’re addressing and your solution. The “idea” can be a new concept or a recently implemented program that shows promising results. We do not expect great detail in the initial submission, but be sure to touch briefly on the following elements:

• A description, with relevant background, of the problem to be addressed.

• An explanation of the proposed solution and how it would change current practice. If appropriate, cite examples of similar approaches in place. If possible, discuss the costs and benefits of your approach compared to current practice; potential obstacles to implementation; and the potential for replication in Massachusetts. Please note: We do not consider legal obstacles or the need for new legislation barriers to entry.

The contest is Massachusetts-based but it appears to be open to everyone.

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