Broadband Conference: Workgroups on improving broadband

In this session, attendees met in small group and reported out. We’ve captured the report out…

Small Group Discussions – Summarize up to three key ideas from your table discussion – to inform policy making to advance broadband in Minnesota.

  • Lack of information to make informed decisions
  • Create a baseline or minimum requirement beyond 10 MB
  • Demonstrate impact to use as a baseline to legislators and communities
  • Bb being the great equalizer – importance of – central service – utility of equal importance to others – why isn’t there a rural bb REA?
  • Unaware of the issues / problems w/service coverage
  • Erase barriers for economic reasons – declaration of emergency around bb (like propane)
  •  Money drives everything and money follows vision
  • Accountability message is powerful –
  • More effective when we find consistent messages for all to buy into
  • Bb a problem of managing expectations – no longer a luxury
  • Affordability is an issue
  • Gov’t can fund where there’s market failure; remove barriers
  • Need funding to put technology into place – desire and need is there.
  • Local gov’t control would get things done
  • Fiber should be considered infrastructure. Should be regulated / controlled
  • What is the fair market price? Should there be assistance offered?
  • Providers and local gov’ts need to come together to provide the services under mutual agreements
  • Define public / private model – funding for small ISPs
  • Increase in funding for low income access; increase in awareness
  • Hold providers accountable – money wasted
  • Are we driving too much money in this too quickly? Should we look at other technologies in rural communities
  • Dig once! Conduit buried
  • Improve language in current laws ex: ability to bond for bb projects
  • Leverage local partnerships to provide funding
  • Bonds at state level are not allowed on reservations – we need to find a way to work together to embrace our neighbors
  • Regulatory issues changed to allow local municipalities to do bb
  • Telework creates jobs – funding to increase awareness and create telework sites.
  • Delivering internet signal via power lines.
  • Funding is the key – transformative and transitional technology
  • Public/private partnerships – long term low interest funds to help providers build
  • Lakes region – how do you build fiber to cabins where folks aren’t there half the year? Fee? Fiber to a point then wireless?
  • Fed – connect America project – look at deeper funding – work at coordinating the regulatory process
  • State gov’t set this as a priority – even provision of this service

Videos from the session:

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