Brownsville is Going WiMAX

Thanks to Ann Higgins for sending me the fun article on Brownsville Texas and their plans to go with WiMAX (BrownsvilleTexas, Gets the WiMAX).

Brownsville lans to unveil their WiMAX system this fall. The reasons they chose WiMax were security and stability. As the article points out, “Because WiMAX uses signals at licensed frequencies not open to the public, the city can count on its data moving quickly and privately without interference.”

The network is for municipal traffic, not the general public. It was (or is being) built by IBM. The article (in Government Technology magazine) does a nice job of talking about the specifics of the network, the funding, and the reasoning behind the decision. I think it’s interesting reading to anyone who might also be in a position to be investigating network options for their community.

You can learn even more about the project in Brownsville in the following articles:

IBM Gets $4 Million Wireless Contract From Brownsville Texas (Mar 2007) – from the IBM perspective and explains the choice of WiMAX

Gulf Coast town disaster proofs with backup data center (Mar 2007) – an interesting perspective on how the new network got started.

Brownsville Turns to IBM to Build Wireless Internet Service Provider Network Using WiMAX Technology (Mar 2007) – more from the city’s perspective and what they plan to do on the network

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1 thought on “Brownsville is Going WiMAX

  1. Brownsville is an enigma. Probably the first wireless system in North America was built in Matamoros, a few feet across the river. Brownsville has had wireless for almost two years. Yet, in their haste to spend $6 million, off they went (in a very clandestine move). This deal stinks! The city should be investigated. They completely ignored the fact that what they wanted to build, was in fact, already built. And, with the best of equipment, in my humble opinion; Sky Pilot gear.

    If the city fathers of Brownsville had a brain, they would realize that from Homeland Security to Fema, they could have paid for this new network multiple times, without spending a dime of taxpayer moneys. And, linking it to the Matamoros project, they would have the finest disaster network ever built; cross-border, protecting both the metropolitan areas. This is something Fema desperately wants.

    It is just a matter of time before a major hurricane blows into Brownsville. I hope the leaders will be more concerned with public safety and fiscal responsibilities than their own personal goals.

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