Connected Tennessee Survey

Thanks to Ann Higgins for sending me an article on Tennessee’s recent technology survey – Tennessee’s Technology Trends 2007.

The survey examined technology use by Tennessee residents. The survey found that 43 percent of Tennesseans have a broadband connection in their home. However, only 19 of the 95 counties in Tennessee currently meet or surpass that average. In fact, only 27 percent of residents in rural communities have a high-speed Internet connection.
The survey also assessed the use of technology among Tennessee businesses and shows a correlation between the presence of a broadband connection and higher company revenue.

You can see a map of broadband infrastructure on the Connected Tennessee web site

On the web site you can also find a Preview of their report. It includes information on their path towards promoting broadband in Tennessee. Starting with the survey was clearly a great first step but they also include some helpful steps to “Join an eCommunity Leadership Team:”

  1. Enlist local leaders to join in the efforts of expanding broadband in your community;
  2. Along with your eCommunity Strategist, assess your county’s readiness to compete in the global economy;
  3. Participate in best practice reviews to showcase success stories within your community;
  4. Share in the vision of your community by outlining the steps necessary to achieve full broadband deployment;
  5. Identify and create new applications that can help to reach the community’s vision and utilize the broadband network; and
  6. Assist in the completion of your community’s Strategic Technology Plan.

(We’ve been tracking EPB’s progress in Chattanooga to bring fiber to the home.)

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2 thoughts on “Connected Tennessee Survey

  1. I have a friend in the eastern townships of tennessee who is now preparing to provide the regions with services also ,he is using a oc3 for backhaul and using wimax to provide services to public safety as well as commerical .That area has mountainous landscape with lots of trees but he has been able to wotk with nlos products to provide 2Mb services over the 2mb

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