Broadband Conference: Speaker Intro: Sid Boswell

Sid Boswell will be another speaker from the Blandin Broadband conference coming up next month…

Sid Boswell

Sort Bio
Sid is a Senior Broadband Analyst with Design Nine, and is currently the Project Manager for our two largest projects, which are both implementation stage and involve the design and deployment of open access, multi-service integrated fiber and wireless networks for the two communities involved. A total of 60,000+ households will receive fiber to the home as a result of these two community broadband efforts.

Boswell has ten years of experience in the information technology and telecommunications industries. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering Technology from Texas A&M. He worked for Accenture in the Communications and High Tech Industry Group, and was a Senior Manager for the company. He has consulted on network and operations project for some of the largest telecom companies in the world, including BellSouth, Comcast, AT&T, NTT, Sprint, Iridium, and 360network.

His technical skills include hands-on experience with optical networks, Voice over IP systems, TCP/IP (Internet) networks, and LAN/WAN (network) design.

What aspects of broadband are on your mind these days? (Or what info do you hope to impart at the conference?)

I would like to impart on the conference that broadband is not just internet access. A common misconception of broadband is that it’s just high speed internet access which leads to the statements like, “DSL works great for me,” or, “my cable modem works fine, why should I need 20, 40, or 100 MBs.” Broadband needs to be defined as whatever amount of bandwidth is needed to support whatever needs to be done. In addition to internet, near future services to be delivered over the “broadband” networks will include high-def entertainment (video and audio), tele-health, tele-medicine, security services, etc. If communities are going to invest in broadband, the challenge of that investment is not just supporting today’s services, but supporting services which will be rolled out in the near and not-so-near future. Communities which have the ability to provide true broadband will have the ability to attract, create, and retain businesses.

What are you hoping to learn at the conference?

How cold does it really get Minnesota in November? Actually, I’d like to understand how rural and small towns Minnesota are developing broadband strategies and what is currently being deployed by incumbents and others.

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