Libraries without Boundaries gets 20+ people in an Anoka County community to discuss library services

I just left a very full room at Park Plaza Cooperative, a resident-owned manufactured home community in Fridley, where they were discussing what they’d like to see in the community for library services. The meeting included Libraries without Boundaries, Department of … Continue reading

Anoka County Broadband 2014 Update: Nearly complete coverage with help from ARRA funding

In November, Connect Minnesota released their final report on broadband availability. Here is how Anoka County stacks up: Household Density: 271.7 Number of Households: 121,227 Percentage serviced (without mobile): 97.14% Percentage serviced (with mobile): 99.9% Anoka is part of the … Continue reading

Anoka County Technology Collaboration Summit

Thanks to Dave Minke for sending notes from the Anoka County Technology Collaboration Summit last week. The meeting featured presentations from organizations that currently use technology to collaborate. The organizations include: Office of Enterprise Technology, State of Minnesota – OET spoke … Continue reading