Potential images and stories for the Task Force reports

Access, Affordability & Education

Mapping and Speed Goals

Unserved, Underserved, & Funding

  • Benya did a nice presentation on the Regional Meetings for the Broadband Task Force last month. There might be some slides there that are helpful – the last slide might be a good one to grab. (You can see the video of whole meeting online.)
  • Possible quote on difficulty navigating current funding opportunities from a listening session with Tina Smith… (see video of whole meeting)
    “A major concern for all who plan to use American Rescue Plan Act funds to pay for state grant matches is whether it will be allowed since the state plans to fund those broadband grants with its own American Rescue Plan Act allocation. Right now there are worries that current statutes — specifically the Stafford Act, which covers how the federal government assists state and local governments after a disaster or emergency — would not allow that.
    “If there is not a waiver of that somehow, projects across the country are going to fall apart,” said Michelle Marotzke, economic development professional with the Mid-Minnesota Development Commission.
  • Possible quote on safety issues of no broadband/cell coverage from Amy Klobuchar listening session
    “Down here we have a lot tourism which takes people into the beautiful parts of our bluff country,” Johnson said. “It’s a difficult area to serve [broadband] . . . when we have people visiting we need them to be safe but in Whalan, they have no way to get signal.”
    Klobuchar responded by illustrating the need for greater connectivity. “Snowmobilers, people who in the middle of winter, that’s very scary too when something goes wrong and their cell phone won’t work . . . that’s why we’re pushing for this emergency funding,” she said.

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