Broadband Mapping: Blandin Broadband Leadership Webinar Archive

Thanks to the presenters and attendees for joining the latest Blandin Broadband Leadership Webinar: Broadband Mapping. Here we have the description, video archive, slides and chat transcript (get handouts)…

Join community broadband champions from across the state on Tuesday, April 14 at 9 am CDT to learn how maps and mapping tools are essential to community broadband planning and project development.  Diane Wells of MN DEED’s Office of Broadband Development will show how to access standard maps and data from the DEED website.  She will also demonstrate the capacity to build your own customer broadband maps using the interactive mapping system.  Diane will also talk about how the OBD staff handle disputes regarding actual broadband service levels compared to the information displayed on the maps which is critically important to the eligibility and competitiveness of prospective grant applications.

Glenn Fishbine of Geospatial Engineering & Optimization (GEO) will showcase his company’s GIS capabilities for broadband deployment planning.  The dynamic system combines geographic data, broadband construction data and ISP operational data from many public and private sources to analyze prospective broadband deployment financial models.  Communities can work with GEO to quickly come to general findings about the need for financial incentives necessary to support various deployment schemes.  Glenn will also demonstrate their ability to quickly launch and map data obtained from widespread community Internet speed testing.

And the chat:

  • 00:43:47              Dave and Bert Klimas:     Does it show population data?
  • 00:46:03              Bill Coleman:      the state maps do not show population but they do show the population density of unserved areas
  • 00:48:38              George Phillips:  is this map open to the public?
  • 00:50:50              Mary Magnuson:              yes it is!
  • 00:51:12              Bill Coleman:      google deed old maps
  • 00:51:56              Bill Coleman:      Sorry – DEED OBD maps
  • 01:17:36              BERNADINE JOSELYN:     question for Glenn: What are the best strategies for getting residents to participate in your crowd sourcing efforts?
  • 01:22:49              Dave and Bert Klimas:     I’ve used several community Facebook pages to ask people to run speed tests — and I told them why I was interested in it.
  • 01:24:11              Mary Magnuson:              The St. Louis County survey link is traveling around Facebook – I’ve seen friends sharing the link daily!

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