McIntosh MN: Part of their Reinvention is broadband (Polk County)

KAXE Radio featured the revitalization of McIntosh…

Twelve years ago, McIntosh, Minnesota’s downtown was a row of shuttered storefronts on dilapidated buildings. Today it looks much different and it’s all because of one woman with big ideas, the gumption to follow thru with them and the ability to inspire others to get on board with a new way of  thinking.

The story include profiles of locals; one spoke of the importance of broadband…

Katie Roed never thought she’d move to a rural community after she graduated from college.  Successful in the marketing and communications sector, she traveled extensively visiting clients across the United States, fulfilling their marketing needs.  In a somewhat surprise twist, Katie found herself in rural McIntosh.  Thanks to high-speed internet, she was able to start her own marketing firm from her home on Lake Sarah.  Today, she works with clients on both coasts and does it from the comfort ease of rural living, able to balance family and work at a pace that works beautifully for both.  Her company, SugarBrooke Creative, caters to high end clients including Microsoft, Dun & Bradstreet, and Digi-Key.  Her marketing prowess helped navigate the progress of the new downtown McIntosh and she couldn’t be more excited about the new life breathed into her community.

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