How MN Congress members voted on Net Neutrality and Internet Tax Freedom

Thanks to Mankato Free Press for tracking how MN members of congress are voting. There were several issues they tracked, I’m just pulling from anything technology-related…


Return of ‘net neutrality’ rules: Voting 232 for and 190 against, the House on April 10 passed a bill (HR 1644) that would reinstate and write into law Federal Communications Commission “net neutrality” rules implemented in 2016 during the Obama administration but repealed in 2017 during the Trump administration. The rules require the Internet to be made equally accessible to all users. They prohibit service providers such as Verizon and Comcast from offering faster content delivery to customers in return for higher fees while leaving other customers in a slower lane. The bill gives the FCC permanent authority to prevent Internet gatekeepers from blocking or throttling customer access, and it retains FCC programs that expand broadband access in rural areas and make the Internet more accessible to low-income persons.

A yes vote was to send the bill to the Senate.


Voting yes: Angie Craig, D-2; Dean Phillips, D-3; Betty McCollum, D-4; Ilhan Omar, D-5; Collin Peterson, D-7

Voting no: Jim Hagedorn, R-1, Tom Emmer, R-6, Pete Stauber, R-8

Not voting: None

Internet Tax Freedom Act

Voting 204 for and 216 against, the House on April 10 defeated a Republican motion that would prevent HR 1644 (above) from overriding the Internet Tax Freedom Act, a 1998 law that prohibits state and local taxation of Internet service providers. Democrats said the bill already protects the Internet’s tax-free status.

Voting yes: Hagedorn, Craig, Emmer, Stauber

Voting no: Phillips, McCollum, Omar, Peterson

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